Hello world!

Hello all,

I have created this blog as a journey of my life as artist.  In the coming weeks together we will travel to New Mexico, Arizona, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and more.

Each week I will feature a sculpture from my upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam, “50/50:  Pause for Reflection”, and speak about  the inspiration,  search for materials, and people and situations I have incurred along the way. Sprinkled with a bit of personal history, political atmosphere and personal introspection, I will attempt to give you insight into the creative mind of an artist and glimpse the many challenges and obstacles along that road of life as artist.

I hope you will enjoy this to as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Do write me your comments and perhaps your journeys as well. Until then, all the best, Chantz

Bronze and stone:  SOLD

Paintings:    www.artbychantz.com

Expositions info:   N/A

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I love love this. Your words bring me right back to the taunting thunder and looming, but gorgeous clouds! What a beautiful day to remember. Our emotions ran a spectrum as wide as the colors in the stones we discovered that day.

    xoxoxo Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey, Thank you for your wonderful words about our trip. I am so glad we did it! Lots of years since then but we are making more memories every day. Sorry for this long overdue reply. Talk soon my friend, xx

  2. Wonderful! reminds me of my own odyssey so many years ago. I am inerested in readfing your next segment and see how it parallels my own- though of an earlier generation.

    I guess we all have to do some searching within ourselves in order to communicate our feelings and what better way than with art’ – it’s clearly been unique to mankind from the very beginning.

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