50/50″ Pausing for Refection

LIFEFORCE New Mexico alabaster, 60 x 20 x 15 cm

While running in the Flevo park, I looked out on the water and saw not the horizon of never-ending life, but the edge at which it ends. 50 is my age, and my timeline, as I expect to live to 100.

50/50 is not a philosophy but a fact. All of us have that in life. If we are willing to risk. In the last year I have met so many who are no longer ok with the way things have been. When the old ways just plain aren’t working, aren’t keeping people happy or safe or even fed, humans risk change. I see people risking to take a chance on share; their ideas, their networks, their money, their time. People’s expertise is again appreciated and sought after. All people are included in this; young and old. educated or not. It is a time of incredible change. And we can all learn something from each other.

Kim Chandler of the Amsterdam Times states of Chantz’ work: “is achingly beautiful” and has quoted gallery owner Rebecca Hossack about the work, “Chantz Perkins is the mistress of the female form. Her sculptures of light filled alabaster are taut with energy and alive with sense. In both her materials and her subject  she draws from the great world of the classical past yet the work she produces is undeniably modern in vision and effect”

International artist born in Los Angeles  and based in Amsterdam, Chantz has had many solo and group exhibitions in America and Europe.

Chantz on her work:

The stone stands as what it is: a beautiful piece of nature. What humans are still in awe of. A reflection of the land it came from. The colors of the sky and mountains and plants which once surrounded it. The sculpture stands as what I have made from it: my interpretation of the human body as a perfect creation.

I hope you can come to the show; to see the work, yes, but as well to meet others to share and learn from. The conversation continues…

50 / 50

Pausing for Reflection

Sculptures of Chantz Perkins

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Opening: Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 ~ 6 pm

10 April   ~  30 May, 2010

Opening times:

Friday  ~  Sunday 1pm ~ 6pm

also by appointment

ABC   Treehouse

Voetboegstraat 11

1012 XK  Amsterdam

tel:  020 – 423 09 67

website: www.treehouse.abc.nl

The ABC Treehouse is supported by:

The American Book Center:  http://www.abc.nl

info: www.chantzperkins.com


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