Before September ends…

Those who ignore History

After 9/11, American citizens were forced to take off shoes, be searched, questioned and wait in lines for hours just to fly in a plane. We were asked to report abandoned bags and suitcases to police. We had to get used to bulletproof and locked cockpit doors, which became standard on commercial passenger aircraft.

We listened and did what we were asked to do because we believed we were being told the best way to protect ourselves from deadly harm or death.

Today we are told by professionals all the best ways  to keep us safe from deadly harm or death.

These are:

Wear a mask. And attempt to keep your distance from others.

Not much to it. Not a lot of trouble or cost.

We listened and did what we were asked to do because we believed we were being told the best way to protect ourselves from deadly harm or death.

And yet, because this president is not behind this plan – and actually has no plan – and there is no one else (realistically) to blame, (except whomever the president is currently blaming), people will dismiss every helpful tool to keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy.

What was, 19 years ago, a patriotic inconvenience for the good of every passenger, every citizen, is now considered a blazing fire of demonic democratic and government conspiracy, in which the president points to anyone but himself – a trait that any parent would quickly slap their kid for, for lying. He is now hailed as a savior.

And these citizens are not even kids who were born after 9/11, but before: 

The ones who had lived through that time of 9/11 and before. Who felt honored to help their fellow citizens. When the fire and health care workers and yes police were heroes.

Somehow, 19 years have destroyed all compassion and empathy and camaraderie and yes, humanity, for our fellow citizens.

I remember my father, who still lived then, – an ex-marine from WW2,- glowing with pride at how the country was pulling together, “Exactly like during the war,-” he’d said. A war in which he had fought against a dictator, like his father had fought in WW1,- thankful for the gas mask he was given to protect against the mustard gas in the trenches of France.

He’d once told me, ‘Like it or not, you come from a military family.’

And of course, he was right. In my teen arrogance of ‘I know it all’ attitude of 1977, I was faced with the reality of one grandfather, a father, two uncles, and numerous cousins and 2nd cousins who all served in the military, effecting their wives and kids, through two world wars; Korean war, Vietnam and several wars thereafter. Who all, thankfully had lived and had not been affected by medical and phycological demons thereafter. 

I’d spoken to Dad, when he began to be fed up with his political party. He’d voted republican all of his life. But when the party had gone after Bill Clinton, he’d gotten fed up with their tactics. Surprisingly, he’d gone on to vote for Obama. I’d asked him about the VP- Biden. He’d said, “A great guy. Ethical, compassionate, trustworthy.”

Dad’s pride and Gramps’ matter of fact patriotism, and their families, taught me who Americans are. Taught me who we still can be, again.

Not only out of duty, but out of responsible love for our country and for the defense of each other in a country that has always been known to pull together in times of need, beside a president who stood up for, not against, it’s citizens.

Remember that history repeats itself, when we close our eyes and look away. When we blame others for un-forseen enemies- things that are not physically visible but kill all the same. 

History is repeating. A dangerous disease- as well as the one that destroys a democracy for the people -is raging against us all.

Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

4 thoughts on “Before September ends…

  1. Wow!
    Powerful and heartfelt…
    I was grabbed by the narrative and would be engaged even if I didn’t know you. 🙂
    Nice opening salvo. – rick

    * tiny detail: I wasn’t clear to me that the text below the painting was the name of the painting. You might consider putting the name of the painting in quotes and then the description below on the next line. Just a thought…

  2. Hi Rick,
    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and honesty. I’m chipping away at the art and the difficult times we live in.
    ps- I took your suggestion.

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