Immigrant’s View

From my book, Puertas: one woman’s journey through to the other side   by   C  R  Perkins

Newly published book, Puertas, now available to order!  I will post a few pages here every so often, to give readers a peak at the contents. I use photographs I took with text alongside to paint with words, not paint or stone.  Below is one piece, Immigrant’s View, for your review. Information about how to purchase this book is on the link below.  Some of the photographs will soon be available to purchase on my shop.  Enjoy! 

Immigrant View

Immigrant View

The sparkling ocean.  Just outside this netted porthole, how fresh the water would be on my skin.  To dive into the wetness.  Feel the cold hit my chest and my heart jump from the shock of the cold.  To swim through it. Just glide on my back looking up at the sky.  Watch seagulls overhead, so free.  Free yet their cries are tears. Sad tears  of years of our boats they’ve seen – for centuries they’ve seen.  

For my arms to feel the strength swimming gives them.  New muscles for a new country.  My eyes feel the sting of the salt.  Washing away my tears.  It’s so hot in here.  Unbearable, here below deck.  Outside the air is fresh.  I smell the salt.  I taste it on my tongue.  The cool wind against my face.  Blowing my hair into the wind.  My feet bare on the rough deck.  Splinters my skin.  I don’t care.  The wind and the gull’s cries soar into my heart.  Without fear.  They rise me up and into the stream. Up to the sky,  to float so free.

To order this book,  please go to this link: 

In Europe at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and the Hague:

(Books ordered online can be shipped to the USA) Will soon be available in the USA and Britain. Watch this page for updates. 

The photograph above, Immigrant View, is now available to purchase from my shop.

2 thoughts on “Immigrant’s View

  1. The photo and passage you offer are so deep with universal significance that I must applaud your intuition. I love the book because it’s like a stream of consciousness that captures the moment in a single photograph and links it to a specific memory. Such precision is so unique and admirable. Bravo!

  2. Thank you trixieblocker! I had to stop everything to respond to your generous reply. The whole book is exactly that- a stream of consciousness, what comes naturally for me. Your comment has really touched my heart and encouraged me. Best of luck to you as well. xx

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