The Journey progresses…

Happy day yesterday. I spotted my book available in the American Book Center, Amsterdam. Thank you!

To order my book,  Puertas, please go to this link: 

In Europe at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and the Hague:

(Books ordered online can be shipped to the USA) Will soon be available in the USA and Britain. Watch this page for updates. 

2 thoughts on “The Journey progresses…

  1. So glad to see you and your book on display! Your vortex is spinning like a cyclone and every desire you have is being heard by the universe. You deserve whatever you dream of having so go ahead and reach for it! So proud of you and seeing this achievement… I bet you worried it would never come but here you are! Many congratulations and lots of love. I adore and admire you immensely and cannot tell you how haopy it makes me to see you next to your first book!!! Such a privilege to enter your world and thoughts. Such a treat for any reader. Keep up the good vibe and know how much I love you, Teri xxxxx

  2. Thank you my friend! Your encouragement means so much to me. Take care and best on your journey as well.

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