The Journey progresses…

Happy day yesterday. I spotted my book available in the American Book Center, Amsterdam. Thank you!

Friday, June 2 from 17:00 to 18:30

American Book Center

Spui 12
1012 XA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

 020 625 5537

I will participate in Open Mike Night with a reading from my book, Puertas…perhaps for the last time from this book.

To be clear, I will read about the book, the words and pictures that inspired it, not from the book itself. Because….

…As of August, I will begin to read from my New book, House of Cheng, a new novelle, and first from my new book, Cocktales.

The next novelles in the series are Gold Ring, and Tattooed Chica, soon available from ABC.

Puertas is available from ABC in Europe and Britain.

Also are NOW available in USA and worldwide as well, via various independent bookstores and… Barnes and Nobles!

So…This is my last reading of Puertas at ABC, just now…but in Los Angeles? Who knows….

For June 2nd……

Change of plans: I will read tonight at 17:30 (5:30).

(If the participation turnout is low, I may have to read sooner, as I did last time So try to arrive a bit before, 17:00, also to get a seat. It starts at 17:00) (5:00 pm)

Hope to see you there!!!!

If you are unable to come or live in another country you can still see this! See Zoom link below!

Thanks for the support!

Update re overseas zoom watching:

On day of event at the time just before 17:00, 5:00, click on link here or below, then do what is asked to get you onto Zoom for that event. (It will be a different code every time)

To order my book,  Puertas, please go to this link: 

In Europe and Great Britain at the American Book Center in Amsterdam and the Hague:

(Books ordered online can be shipped to Europe and Britain from ABC, and as well…NOW are available to order, in USA and worldwide via Barnes and Nobles! Watch this page for updates… and new books available from Chantz Perkins aka

3 thoughts on “The Journey progresses…

  1. So glad to see you and your book on display! Your vortex is spinning like a cyclone and every desire you have is being heard by the universe. You deserve whatever you dream of having so go ahead and reach for it! So proud of you and seeing this achievement… I bet you worried it would never come but here you are! Many congratulations and lots of love. I adore and admire you immensely and cannot tell you how haopy it makes me to see you next to your first book!!! Such a privilege to enter your world and thoughts. Such a treat for any reader. Keep up the good vibe and know how much I love you, Teri xxxxx

  2. Thank you my friend! Your encouragement means so much to me. Take care and best on your journey as well.

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