Run from the Devil

anti-vaccination adjective

an·​ti-vac·​ci·​n·​ation | \ ˌan-tē-ˌvak-sə-ˈnā-shən, ˌan-ˌtī-\

Definition of anti-vaccination

: opposed to vaccination

First Known Use of anti-vaccination

1849, in the meaning defined above

Aka Anti-vaxer.

This word was first used in 1849. Hmmm…1849, just about the time in Britain, when 32,000 people died of cholera in 1831 and 1832. Despite the fear and panic that the disease inspired, once the epidemic ceased, very little was done to prevent its recurrence.

Ahh, now I see why I’d rarely heard about the last pandemic of 1912 which killed one fifth of the global population. 

It was erased.

Sound familiar? 

Hasn’t this current pandemic been used as every political excuse (Trump in denial) and ‘A right to choose’ (not for abortion, but to not wear a mask = My body, no mask.


When this pandemic began almost two years ago, the illness and death rates stood at a few hundred.  

In cities everywhere cheers went out to the hospital workers.

CHEERING! On the balconies of apartments in Europe, the lockdown tenants would bang pots and yell thanks. We did here too, in Amsterdam east.

I was reminded of similar cheers of my youth in Los Angeles that went out to the firefighters. They rode past my corner, returning from saving our houses from the flames ravishing the canyons near our homes. Back in the days when gratitude and thankfulness were still in fashion.

Then finally, wonderfully, amazingly arrived, from the efforts of scientists all over the world, in a shared goal to find a cure, just this:

A Vaccine is Born.

Why is there no collective sigh of relief? (like when Trump was voted out) 

Why isn’t everyone, everywhere on the planet lining up to get a jab? 

I shake my head in disbelief. 


A new word to me, maybe to everyone. I know what it is but I have been trying to figure out why it is.

Why has the vaccine become so demonised?

Why has what had been so intensely prayed for as a savior from this global pandemic now become a liquid of the devil?

In my search out of this insanity of false truth toward knowledge, I am reminded of what a friend had said to me. Who, as of this blog, had not been vaccinated. That was early this year. She said, ”It’s not been tested enough, its too new.” Really?                                                            The whole world had been actively searching – with science –  to find a cure. Countries everywhere came together toward one common goal: the search to find a vaccine.

Why the hell are we not cheering this? 

After almost two years and now, as of today, the deaths worldwide are 5,06M 


Why the f is this vaccine even an issue?

The masks were the first to be attacked. That was when I’d gone online to search about the pandemic of 1912.

Were masks an issue then?

Of course they were! 

I could just say, “Fine, don’t wear a mask. Get sick and die. Why should I care?”

Because it is a disease that spreads in the air, from your mask-less mouth to me.

From the foggy ignorance floating around you to me, to your family, your colleagues, to strangers on the street. You might even kill people you don’t even know.

I ask myself, do you think this gives you some sort of power over others? As a gun would?

Or are your reasons (God forbid) religious?

Well, the lord birthed doctors and scientists just for reasons such as this. To set our bones, sew up our cuts, help us to be well, healthier, you know… alive.

There are no chips inside the vaccine, to stalk and track you. What had been posted was an interesting story of science fiction. Fiction. If you like this sort of stuff, go enrol in a creative writing course. Make some money off it, But Never name it online as fact. 

The courses will be a great outlet for your creative impulses. Far better than warping that creativity into violence or posting lies online. Better for you and better for humanity overall. 

ONLY YOU – the un-vaccinated – can run this pandemic out of town.

Roll up your sleeve and get a jab. Keep your family, neighbors, colleagues, friends safe. Care about others and yourself. 

In these dangerous times of dictator ex-presidents, it is too lazy to refuse to be an adult and act like one. Face the online un-truths with courage.

At the beginning of this pandemic, the city cheered those who stepped up and leaned in to help save us. Its time to cheer again.

Lend a hand, show a smile, wear your empathy like the badge of courage it is. 

Then take up the sword against this pandemic. Take a shot in the arm. 

A note to my readers: I have not been posting as often as I would have liked to. I took some time to re-charge. In future, I plan to post at least once a month, and post a video or two in the coming year. Thank you for your support. Stay safe & please get vaccinated.

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3 thoughts on “Run from the Devil

  1. Great stuff! Passionate, well spoken. Loved the firefighter reference. Sadly, fire and police, the aspirational careers of young boys are drawing a line in the sand with their unions over this vax issue. But that is another story.


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